Prague Arcades film thumbnailPRAGUE ARCADES | In Production
Documentary explores a 100-year arc of political, social, cultural and economic life.

Electric Signs film thumbnail ELECTRIC SIGNS | TRT 58:00, 2013
Documentary about signs, screens and the urban environment.

Street art film thumbnailTO BE SEEN | TRT 26:40, 2006
Documentary about street art and public space issues.

Teeth film thumbnailTEETH | TRT 27:00, 2007
Documentary about the economic and social importance of good smiles.

Water Woes film thumbnailWater Woes (clip) | 2015
A look at how California’s small farmers are adapting to the challenges of drought.

Urban at Parsons videos thumbnailURBAN@PARSONS | 2011-2012
Video series promoting the Urban programs at Parsons and the New School.